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Double wave lipolaser slimming machine

Double wave lipo laser slimming machine, 12pads, 8 big ones ( 320 diodes each big pad ), 4 small ones ( 16 diodes each ), total 336 diodes.  650nm and 980nm diodes lipo laser, imported laser diode from Japan. and Dual wavelength 650nm & 980nm can work at the same time.
lipo laser slimming machine HKS 08D
Lipo laser slimming machine have 4 pcs language,  and also suit all skin type color, you can choose on the machine screen, All pads work can work at the same time or independently. when your operation doesn't worry hot, the big pad has 7 pcs fans, small pads have 4 pcs fans, lipo laser pad are sealed with a good heat exchanger.
laser lipo slim weight loss machine hks 08d
Lipo laser slim machines now are the most popular machine in the world, especially in the USA.  
For treatment:
Twice a week, 30-45 minutes each time, a single treatment does not exceed 45 minutes, two months is a course of treatment, and one course of treatment is effective feedback from customer that it can reduce 3-4.25cm at the first time treatment.
treatment of lipo laser device hks 08d
hot sale lipo laser slimming device hks 08d
Guangzhou Huangkai Technology Co., LTD., established in the 2010 year is a professional manufacturing and export supplier of beauty slimming equipment. For lipo laser machine is our unique design on the market, you can't find the same machine  We support OEM/ODM, such as add logo on the machine screen, or add logo on the machine body.
beauty equipment machine from Honkay
Our lipolaser slimming machine is unquie design , and Our beauty equipment are all certified by CE, EMC, Rohs and SAFETY Test Report. and our machine quality is guranteen , Please Order without hesitation.
if you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to contact us.
980nm lipo laser slimming machine
650nm & 980nm double diode lipo laser for salon wanted
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