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Professional shockwave machine for therapy pain relief massage body-shaping and ed treatment

Brand Name: Honkay
Product name: Shockwave Therapy Machine
Function: Reduce Pain
Frequency: 1-18Hz
Usage: Relief Neck Pain Shoulder Pain
Packing size: 510mm*410mm*460mm
Certificate: CE
After-sale Service: Online technical suppor
Product Description
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Product Description

shockwave therapy machine for ed and pain relief

Shock wave Therapy
Shock Wave Therapy Equipment, RSWT Radial Pulse Therapy , ESWT extracorporeal shockwave therapy, also called Acoustic Wave Therapy  Equipment, mainly for physical therapy treatment, sports injury and rehabitation treatment. A Non-Invasive Alternative to Orthopedic Surgery for tendon, musculoskeletal, soft tissue issues, non-union fractures to promote revascularization healing.

electromagnetic shockwave therapy

1.By the targeted application of the shockwaves, stress to the surrounding tissues is quite insignificant
2.The body not burdened by pharmaceuticals, except the short-term effect of local anesthesia if used
3.The possibility of preventing the necessity of surgical intervention and its relevant hazards
4.For some indications, such as tennis elbow, there is really no other effective treatment

linear focused shockwave therapy

General Introduction
A shockwave is defined as a wave with a rapid increase of increase of pressure with a very short time and then having a gradual decrease of pressure with a small negative pressure phase. shockwave is aimed at the affected area that are the source of chronic pain, the influence of the shockwaves causes to the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain.

super shockwave

1. Shoulder pain, calcific tendonitis
2. Radial or ulnar humeral epicondylitis
3.Trochanteric tendonitis
4.Waist or stern pain
5. Patellar tendonitis
6.Tibial stress syndrome
8.Plantar fascitis
9. Broken fat
10. ED treatment


shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

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btl shockwave therapy


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