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New 448kHz +20k RET CET RF tecar therapy machine

30 days to purify cell,
Burn visceral fat in 30 days,
Reduce the waistline by 6cm,
Pain relief
Model: SPA23
Treatment area: Neck, Breasts, Abdomen, Legs, Arms, Glands, Lymph, Back, Loins, Buttocks
Application: Beauty SPA use, For Commercial
product description
product description
monopolar RF tecar therapy Diathermy machine
Working theory of RET CET RF therapy machine:

This is a magic health beauty method, magic modulation wave, the specific frequency of 448k and 20K, can adjust metabolism balance, let you sweat slowly, activate body function, 30 minutes is equivalent to jogging 5 kilometers. Deepba is a real 448khz (20k) modulation wave! RET and cat are the keys to make your internal and external ions move across the membrane. It is not the surface heat immediately, but also the slow heat after activating the cell movement.

physical tecar therapy beauty machine
2021 New 448kHz +20k care RET/CET/RF

2021 factory indiba ret cet rf machine
CET Mode:
Mainly for the skin and 3-5cm shallow tissue, the effect is firming and anti-aging, and help restore the elasticity of blood vessels, rebuild the microcirculation system, provide more nutrients for fibroblasts, and strengthen collagen synthesis, increase the flow of cellular reactive oxygen species to restore cells and rebuild the reticular layer.

CET facial care efficacy:
[448k temperature controller] the main functions of the face are "muscle quality improvement" and "cell activation"
1. Small face, Reduce blackheads
2. Anti-aging -- improvement of wrinkles, spots, and relaxation
3. Face lifting, Improve facial edema
4. Activation of facial cells
5. Promote basic facial metabolism
6. Reduce the dark skin, make the skin white, red, and shiny
7. Reduce acne pits
8. Improvement of eyes
9. Promote skin cell metabolism and collagen regeneration
10. Reduce facial fat and improve double chin and skin relaxation
11. Improve neck stiffness
12. Relieve facial expression muscles and form natural and spiritual facial expressions

Tecar therapy CET RET Hyperthermia machine
RET Mode:
Mainly for visceral fat, the effect is to deep repair, help dissolve and soften deep stubborn fat, and excrete fat through the circulation, thereby reducing the volume of fat cells, reducing the circumference, and reducing weight. Clinical studies have shown that this instrument has excellent results for use on the face, eyes, neck, chest, or body care.

RET Body care efficacy:
1. Lymphatic detoxification
2. Improve blood circulation
3. Recovery of cells, nerves, bones, muscles, and ligaments
4. Regulate endocrine
5. Improve sleep quality
6. Brighten skin tone
7. Improve the problems of chest falling and hyperplasia
8. Improve the problem of body shape and leg orange peel
9. Shaping and weight loss
10. Burn visceral fat

Tecar therapy CET RET Hyperthermia machines
The principle of RF Diathermy:
1. The treatment site is placed between the plates of a capacitor and becomes the dielectric.
2. The RF energy is diffused through the part of the body located between the plate electrodes.
3. The oscillating fields produce distortion of molecules, rotation of dipoles, and vibration of ions
4. The movement of the molecules and ions generates heat within the tissues.
5. These actions have been shown to have a positive clinical effect on enhancing blood flow.
RET CET RF slimming terapia tecar diathermy machine

Advantage of CET RET RF device:
1. 30 days to purify cells.
2. Burn visceral fat in 30 days.
3. Establish the law of nutrition intake in a natural way.
4. Lose 3-6kg.
5. Visceral fat decreased by 4-6 grades.
6. Reduce the waistline by 6cm.
7. Muscle improvement.
8. Improve cold.
9. Tighten the skin, promote collagen synthesis and anti-aging.
10. Restore skin elasticity and rebuild microcirculation.
11. Promote metabolism.

Features of RET CET RF slimming tecar terapia diathermy machine:
Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction, 30 days to purify cells, Burn visceral fat in 30 days, Establish the law of nutrition intake in a natural, Lose 3-6kg, Visceral fat decreased by 4-6 grades, Reduce the waistline by 6cm, Muscle improvement, Improve cold, Tighten the skin, promote collagen synthesis and anti-, Restore skin elasticity and rebuild microcirculation, Promote metabolism.

tecar therapy physiotherapy
Tecar therapy CET RET Hyperthermia machine
item value
Place of Origin China
Province Guangdong
Model Number SPA23
Brand Name Honkay
Certification CE
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
Warranty 1 Year
Input Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Macgube package size 50 * 46 * 50 cm, 20KG
Trolley package size 50 * 46 * 97 cm. 27KG
Technology RET+RF+ CET
OEM&ODM Professional design and production
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