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PEMF Machine Physio Magnetic Therapy with Butterfly Loop for Animals Pain Relief

Functions: Used for your horses, livestock and pets to alleviate pain, boost performance, expedite recovery, improve mobility, and general wellness.
Model: PMST Loop
Technology: Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy pemf machine
Treatment area: Full Body
Application: Clinic, doctor, home use, and For Commercial
Delivery Method: By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
OEM ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense
Delivery Time: 3~7 Days
Product Description
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Product Description
PEMF Equine PMST LOOP  For Horse Health Magnetic Therapy Orthopedic Injuries Physiotherapy Device
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What is a PEMF Loop?
PEMF can enhance the transmission of the internal electrical charges that keep the cells running. Inside each cell, there are many metabolic processes happening that all require cellular energy to fuel them. The PEMF wave improves the internal cellular energy.PEMF, being a magnetic wave, can penetrate hair, fur, and bandage material, making it ideal for a veterinary setting. PEMF waves can target different tissues depending on the internal charge of that tissue and the frequency of the unit.
pemf machine for horses
Why use PEMF Loop for horses?
Faster recovery times, PEMF therapy for horses accelerates healing and quick recovery from injuries, as well as faster recovery after a long day of work or a hard race. It's used to heal bone fractures and repair cracked hooves. Regular use of electromagnetic therapy can improve recovery time for horses by as much as 70%. Horses love PEMF therapy, the pulses help calm and soothe horses, and you can see instantly how much they enjoy the therapy treatments. It`s a safe and effective form of treatment that does not require sedation.
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pemf equine machine
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What are the benefits of equine PEMF therapy machine?

Pain reduction
In addition to shortening recovery times, PEMF therapy also immediately relieves the symptoms of hard work and strain put on the body. Equine PEMF reduces pain, swelling, soreness, and fatigue in horses. It`s a noninvasive method of treating pain without the use of medication.

Improved performance
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves blood flow and cell function, which results in improved performance in horses. Equine PEMF improves speed, strength, endurance, and range of motion in horses.

Injury prevention
Another great advantage of PEMF therapy for horses is that you can actually use it to identify the areas where your horse is sore. This can help prevent injuries due to overuse or imbalances.

Longer careers
Maintenance makes everything last longer. This is true for cars, people, and horses. Maintaining a healthy horse ensures a longer career. Equine PEMF therapy promotes healthy cells and improves cell function.
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Specification of the pulse equine machine
Power Consumption 850W
Magnetic intensity 1000-6000 Gauss
Pulse Frequency 2HZ, 4HZ, 6HZ, 8HZ, MF
Oscillation 4500HZ
Fused 15Amp
IP rating IP 31
Attached loops Single loop and Butterfly loop
Dimension of package 630mm*41 0mm*350mm
Gross Weight 35KG
Get pemf machine cost 86 13751821215
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