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Hello, dear friends!
My name is Nora, and I come from Honkay Co., Ltd. Today, as a product introduction officer, I will introduce a physiotherapy product to you.Everyone must have a time when they are physically tired and want to relax. This magnetic ring can solve this problem for everyone. Presumably you will feel low back pain because of sitting in the office for a long time; presumably you will be injured due to exercise; presumably you will want to relax because of overwork. You don't want to go to a beauty parlor and pay a high price for a massage, and you will still feel unwell after a few days, which will also burden your wallet and your body will not improve.If you also have this kind of distress, take a look at this magnetic ring I introduced, which can solve these problems and have better results.
Next, follow me to introduce this magnetic ring to you, you will fall in love with this baby that makes you relax physically and mentally!


magneto laser therapy

Physio Magneto---PM-ST
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Super Transduction
What does physio magneto do?
pulses a magnetic field into the body, creating an extraordinary healing effect. Damaged cells are reenergized by boosting electrical charges within the cell, Cellular metabolism increases, circulation is improved.Triggers electromagnetically induced biological effects at the cell and tissue,The results are less pain, reduction in swelling, and increased range of motion in the target area.

Over 2000 medical research studies in support of the effectiveness of electromagnetic fields in tissue repair, also been used for accelerating bone union, for treating postoperative pain and brand. It's widely used in the field of sports medicine, especially in renowned football teams.

PM-ST differs from general forms of magnetic field therapy or PEMF due to the high oscillation frequency of 1000– 3000 Hz. This property enables a high penetration depth (18 cm) and a large range of indications.
The energy and frequency of magnetic pulses must within the therapeutically effective range – 10 mT (millitesla) and upward. With this pulse intensity, it is possible to achieve a therapeutic effect in the cell.
The individual pulses penetrate the tissue so that even deeper tissue layers can be reached. There is no temperature increase in the tissue, due to the short duration of the individual pulses.

Revolutionary Therapy Healing At The Cellular Level :Bio-currents which improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues and the flow of ions and nutrients into the cells are created by PM. Energy is put back into the body by recharging the mitochondria (the cells’ power producers). The additional energy is then stored in the body from 4 hours to 10 days, enabling your body to use it as it needs.

portable magneto therapy device

PM-ST Features
-Pain free: Treatment is comfortable and straightforward The patient does not have to undress
-Hands free: Effective fatigue-free work for the user. Applicator positioning by hand or with the flexible holding arm
-Fast treatment: Treatment session lasts between 10 – 20 minutes depending on the indication
-Water cooling: Continuous and reliable operation by water- cooled applicator
-Knob control flexible applicator holding arm
-Touch free: Perfectly suited for the social distancing and the minimal patient contact -ST mode: Magnetic pulse frequency to 1000-3000 hz. -MT mode: Magnetic pulse frequency 50 hz -10.4 inch screen with smart program interface.


Successful clinical studies on the following:

Degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis (knees, hips, hands, shoulders, elbows).
Sport Injury Chronic pain include back pain, lumbago, tension, radiculopathy Sports injuries.
Chronic inflammation of tendons and joints tendon overuse syndromes, inflammation of the pubic bone.

Have you fallen in love with this magnetic ring, do you want to make it yours, then take a look at our magnetic ring explanation picture, it will let you deepen your understanding of this magnetic ring. If you want to buy this product, you can also send us a message. We have a one-to-one service here to let you know more about the magnetic ring and the actual photos. We are all professional, we patiently answer any questions for you and deal with your troubles.If you are not very interested in this magnetic ring, we also have other beauty products and medical products, welcome to consult us! There is an old Chinese saying: Only you can't think of it, there is nothing we can't do.

pneumatic shockwave machine for ed shock

Our Company Profile As a professional beauty equipment manufacturer, GuangZhou Huang Kai Electronic Technology Company Limited always insists on the principle of "make the world more beautiful" to develop the most effective and popular beauty machines. We supply good products and services and help our cooperators expand their markets. Since our establishment, we have focused on product development and adopted the most advanced technology. We always improve our after-sales service and provide technique support for our customers. We have won a good reputation in the cosmetics field. "To help our cooperators win the market, to help people beautify themselves" is the goal we pursue forever.

Finally, I wish my dear friends a Merry Christmas!



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